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"Sinds 2000 werk ik aan de ontwikkeling van sculpturen met expressieve beweging als uitgangspunt."

Knuffel sculptuur

2023-04-05 (V. van der Wijk)

I showed the assembly of the Hug-linkage earlier, here some photos of the assembly of the two pyramid shapes to complete the Hug sculpture.

Inside the pyramid shapes the axles have been mounted with screws.

In this photo the attachment of the pyramid shape to the base and the linkage is shown. The thin bar will make the second pyramid shape on the other side move synchronously in opposite direction.

Here the first pyramid shape has been placed and after having mounted also the second pyramid shape similarly, the sculpture is complete.

The two pyramid shapes express in the open pose the feelings of lonely distance and strong desire and attraction to one another.

In the closed pose they show the warm intimacy of a hug.