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"Since 2000 I have been working on the development of sculptures with expressive motion as a starting point."

Cheering Sculpture

2022-12-07 (V. van der Wijk)

I'd like to present: The Cheerer! A new kinetic sculpture that I have developed in steps during 2022. Around Easter I made the first sketches and investigated the geometry and kinematics and studied the motions. During the summer I made some models and now I have just finished a large version of steel. 

The Cheerer expresses the extreme delight after anxiously waiting for something of great desire to happen. For instance at a match, watching in tension and then.....goal! The model in the first photo shows the spectator sitting down watching in suspense, while the second photo shows the spectator in its ultimate cheering position. 

The model I made of plastic electricity tube, which is strong, lightweight and easy to process.

A two and a half times larger version of steel I made of 40x40mm steel tubes which are shown here with the holes for the axles.

This photo shows the central axle where multiple parts are connected together.

After assembly of the sculpture also a strong base was made. As a special feature of this sculpture, I want it to actually jump up from its base to be briefly free in the air, like a person jumping up and losing contact with the floor.

The sculpture is driven by a rope to pull the sculpture up. I would like to make some improvements such as installing a handle to actuate the sculpture for a better interaction with a spectator and also the jumping up of the sculpture needs to be optimized by experimental testing. A next step is also to make the sculpture of bronze, as large as the model in the first photos.

[A video of the sculpture cheering will be shown here soon.]